Omega 3

Omega 3 oil

Why are omega 3 fatty acids so important?

Since the industrial revolution (60 years ago ) we have been consuming processed and fried foods almost daily. Did you know that 70% of all food for sale in the supermarket is processed food? It consists of 80% omega 6 fatty acids and no omega 3 fatty acids.


Omega 6 fatty acids harden your cell membranes causing inflammation. The nutrients you take in can therefore only be partially absorbed. In addition, the waste products are incompletely excreted. This causes inflammation.

Nowadays the oceans are polluted. The fatty fish we eat do not contain enough omega 3 fatty acids. Hence, it is necessary to take it in a supplement. However, it is important to take into account that there are few brands of omega 3 that cause optimal absorption and positive effect.

High quality olive oil is added (omega 9 fatty acids). This keeps your blood sugar levels up and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides, the omega 3 oil of Eqology contains the entire spectrum of all fatty acids except of course omega 6 fatty acids (this is unnecessary because we get enough omega 6 fatty acids in our diet).

High quality omega 3 oil

If you are older and you want to improve your quality of life even more the Pure Artic oil Gold is a must. This product also has Lutein which is correlated with better vision and cognitive functions and macula lutea development.

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