Do you want to get rid of your health issues faster!


You struggle with these these health issues?

You lack energy.

You do not sleep well.

Struggle to concentrate you have brainfog.

Issues with your joints and or muscles.

Weak immunesystem.

Activate 400 systems in your body daily. With nano technology you get well twice as fast!

What do you gain from my advice?

Health was always a passion of me. I was born in South-Africa and lived there for 41 years. When I moved to the Netherlands 23 years ago I saw many people being treated for all kinds of health issues. Yet I saw that in spite of their treatments most people do not heave a good quality of life.

After trying out different methods to stay healthy, I was not satisfied with the results. At last I found what I was looking for. Reverse your age and add many more healthy years to your life!Are you ready to take action?

Jeanne Grobler


What others say of me

Jeanne is enthusiastic and has a great passion about health. She has helped me feel energized and more vital again.
I see a woman who always thinks of others and wants the best for them. Jeanne is a woman with African roots with a great love for nature who wants people to live healthier lives.
Jeanne is a caring person. She supported me well when I was sick with intestinal complaints.
I see Jeanne as someone who loves to give and is always open to helping others. She is fit and energetic for her age. She supports and guides me in my recovery from lymphoma. It is nice to have a friend who regularly gives me advice on alternative methods to maintain your vitality for as long as possible.



    I suffered from depressive feelings for years, After using Eqology's omega 3 oil for several weeks I feel much better. My mood is better I can recommend it to everyone.


    I had been suffering from inflammation in my shoulder for a while. After Jeanne's advice I used the omega 3 oil. Within a few days I noticed that my bowel function improved. After a few weeks I also noticed that my skin is smoother and I had much less pain in my shoulder.


    I am 52 years old and take good care of myself. My decision to start using Eqology's omega 3 oil is because I saw the high quality. My first test showed a value of 16.7:1. In just 4 months, it changed to 1.2:1. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised with this beautiful result.


    The little things sure add up when you Swish and Spray every day! It's difficult to see the changes at first but I encourage everyone to document their journey! I'm 53 and loving the changes on the outside but the energy and zest for life I'm experiencing is the best part! Imagine what is happening on the inside!


    "I’m 58 and was have had a blood sugar condition which I have dealt with for 49 years. I have been on an insulin pump for about 30 years. I started swishing two months ago and feel amazing! Under my doctor's care I've also been able to reduce certain medications!


    "I can’t believe what the NEUMI products have done for my skin! I’m 53 years old and feel like I’m aging backwards!! The comment I hear the most now is “you’re absolutely glowing!” I haven’t been told that since I was pregnant 21 years ago! I LOVE the Swish and take it 2-3 times a day. I have a lot of discomforts in my body and the Swish has been an absolute blessing when it comes to my health


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